[Moscow, VDNKH pavilions 53 and 54]
The place where the wheels of history are spinning
SINCE 2021
The basis of the Museum's collection is a unique collection of cars and motorcycles - over 50 units.
[2021 the opening year]
The period of perestroika in the history of the country is the leader Mikhail Gorbachev and the legendary Special Purpose Garage cars ZIL-41047, ZIL-41051, ZIL-41052 and the special security vehicle ZIL-41072 "Scorpion". With the coming to power of the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin, Mercedes became the cars of the first people of the State. They are also presented in the exhibition. Along with cars, the collection includes motorcycles of the Honorary Escort.
The exhibition opens with early 20th century cars from the Delaunay-Belleville and Mercedes brands. Their analogues were delivered to the garage of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II. Most of the exhibition consists of cars from the Soviet period. For example, Packard Twelve, ZIS-101A, ZIS-110, ZIS-115 date back to the period when Joseph Stalin was at the head of the USSR. The era of leaders Nikita Khrushchev and Leonid Brezhnev is represented by Soviet cars ZIS-110B, ZIL-111A, GAZ-13 "Chaika", ZIL-111D, ZIL-114, ZIL-117, GAZ-24-95, ZIL -4104.
Guests can "look" into the interior of the presented cars by opening the "360° Salon" section on the touchscreen
Guests of the Museum can experience exciting emotions by driving through the virtual streets of Moscow in the Volga GAZ-3102 car from 1981.
[The living history]
You can take a photo in the virtual fitting room, choosing for yourself the uniform of Special Purpose Garage employees from different historical periods.
The pavilion houses exclusive gaming simulators and interactive exhibits; exhibitions telling about the history of automobile headlights and registration plates, cut-out models of units of retro SPG cars, as well as thematic exhibits.
Option for arranging a cortege of luxury cars of the domestic brand AURUS, accompanied by motorcycles of the Honorary Escort.
The central car is an authentic example of the AURUS "Senat" Limousine armored car. The car took part in the official ceremony of Vladimir Putin inaugurated as President of the Russian Federation on May 7, 2018.
Guests will see all details of the interior and technical equipment of AURUS cars.
We will begin our acquaintance with the exhibition with the great-great-grandfathers and great-great-grandmothers of modern limousines of the first persons, we will see first armoured vehicles of the automotive world and hunting machines.
Let's get acquainted with the car of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and find out what the Cortege is and why the Honorary Escort deals with the motorcycles with a sidecar.
How are the country's leaders cars protected? What cars are used for the Victory Parade on the Red Square? Guests will receive answers to these exact and other fascinating questions during the tours in our Museum.
[Special buffet]
In the pavilion 54 you can try dishes from the "Special buffet" cafe, created according to recipes from the Kremlin cuisine.
After the tour, you can organize lunches for the group there.
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